Aussie Greg’s Medellin Mansion A Far Cry From What It Used To Be

When Aussie Greg’s Medellin Mansion opened for business years ago it quickly became the place to go to for tourists on a Colombia sex vacation. The Medellin Mansion was filled with nights of wild sex fueled by Viagra and Ron Medellin. At any one time between 10 and 20 young Colombian girls could be found lounging by the pool or cavorting with horny gringo sex tourists. Local Colombian prostitutes frequented the Medellin Mansion knowing that the sex tourists paid a lot more than their regular clients at La Mayorista. Sometimes things got a bit rowdy and Aussie Greg had to assume the role of bouncer evicting drug crazed prostitutes when their gringo clients lost control of the situation. The tales of debauchery went viral and more and more sex tourists seeking Colombian sex vacations showed up on the doorsteps of the Medellin Mansion. Aussie Greg and his business companions were soon able to charge more for the services of their adult bed and breakfast catering to the needs of sex vacationers in Colombia. The business was a booming success and soon others began to imitate the concept of providing lodging and Colombian girls for sex travelers.


However, all was not well in the Medellin sex vacation industry. The new establishments launched a fierce battle with the Medellin Mansion for sex vacation goers visiting Colombia. At times the competition got ugly with sex travelers taking one side or the other. News of the mansion filled with gringos laden with cash, computers and photographic equipment soon reached local criminals and the Medellin Mansion was raided. Employees and guests were trussed up like turkeys by armed robbers who made off with money and expensive electronics. The rowdy barbeques and pool parties drew complaints from neighbors. Jealous competitors allegedly made reports to law enforcement that under age girls were engaging in paid sex at the mansion and soon Colombian law enforcement agents began to make visits to the establishment.


In the face of these trials the Medellin Mansion has toned down a lot of the wild activities that once brought sex tourists swarming to Medellin. Visitors will no longer find dozens of girls hanging out by the pool in the hopes of negotiating a lucrative sexual transaction with guests. Aussie Greg no longer does barbeques on the weekends. Under age girls and girls without photo identification are no longer permitted to enter the premises. Some of the more colorful sex tourists have also been scared away from taking sex vacations in Colombia, especially in Medellin, due to foreigners being targeted by local criminals for armed robbery. The violence in Medellin has also spun out of control as local drug gangs leave a pile of bodies behind in their ongoing war. Sex tourists once considered themselves safe from this kind of violence, but with the pending construction of seven new U.S. military bases in Colombia as part of America’s war on drugs gringos may well find themselves as targets of retaliatory killings and kidnappings.


Aussie Greg is an astute businessman and he seems ready to transition away from the Colombia sex vacation business. He has already declared that the Medellin Mansion is headed in a different direction, possibly catering to more mainstream clients. The El Castillo property has been put up for sale. Aussie Greg may be getting out while the getting is good. However, other gringos are getting into the pimping and lodging business in the Colombia’s sex vacation industry. They should be asking themselves what Aussie Greg knows that they don’t. Like the dot-com bust the ones who got in early made a killing and moved on while those late to the game lost their asses. The sex vacation business bubble in Medellin may just be about to burst.


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