Brazil: The Definition Of Sensual

Brazil is considered one of the world’s top sex travel destinations and possibly the top sex travel destination in Latin America. The Brazilian women are as famous for their beauty as their fun loving and carefree ways. When it comes to sex these women’s prowess is the stuff of legends. Local dance like the samba give visitors a glimpse of what Brazilian girls are capable of between the sheets. If you wish to visit there and experience these pleasures, you will first need to secure a visa from the Brazilian embassy in your area.


Most of sex travelers to Brazil initiate themselves in Rio de Janeiro. Therefore I will focus on the major termas (brothels) in this city. The main termas with quality girls are as follows:

  • L’oumo (Rua Siqueira Campos, 143. Copacabana)
  • Monte Carlo (Rua Hilario De Gouveia, 19. Copacabana)
  • Centaurus (Rua Caning 44, x Rua Rainha Elizabeth,  Ipanema)
  • Quatro por Quatro/4X4 (Rua Buenos Aires 44,Centro)


Prices at Centaurus are R$120 cover charge, and R$300 for 40 minutes with a girl. The brothel charges the total R$420 fee upon entry so make sure that you pick a girl and get your 40 minutes of sex because your money will not be refunded even if you do not choose a girl. With about 40 girls present you should at least find one that is to your liking.


The other termas do not charge the entire fee upon entry like Centaurus. You pay only the admission fee to enter and then you pay for the drinks and the girl when you are finished. You must have the fee for the girl in cash. The prices at L’oumo and Monte Carlo are about a third less than the prices at Centaurus. The prices at the brothels in Centro, like 4X4, are even less at almost 1/3 the price of Centaurus. 4X4 is the biggest brothel in Rio and has over a hundred girls.


If you speak Portuguese you can try the escort agencies. Pick up a copy of the newspaper “Jornal O Dia” and check the classifieds section. You will find specials listed there. Typical prices are R$120 for 2 hours; R$140 for 3 hours; and R$200 for 6 hours. Keep the paper handy in case they try to change the prices when they realize that you are a foreigner. Expect the “bait and switch” if you choose a particular girl from a photo it is unlikely that will be the girl to show up at your door. Just keep her if you find her to your taste, if not send her back.


Girls can also be found on the beaches, the streets and in restaurants close to the beaches. The prices are about the same as those for escorts but start your bid low at R$80 as the quality is not likely to be the same as a terma or agency girl. For the adventurous sex tourist, cheap little sleazy places with a few rooms offer 30 minutes of sex for R$50. Some even charge by the minute at a rate of R$1/min. These places cater to locals and often leave much to be desired in the way of hygiene. They are called “massagems.”




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