Freddie Aguilar Admits Relationship with 16 year-old!

MANILA, Philippines - Filipino crooner Freddie Aguilar has admitted to making sweet monkey love to a 16 year old girl from Mindoro. At the ripe old age of 60 years, Aguilar is old enough to be the teenager’s grandfather. The relationship is illegal under Philippine law, where adult foreigners have learned that having a minor who is not a blood relative present in their residence can leave them languishing in a local jail or facing extortion for huge sums of money.

One can only hope that Aguilar will be treated the same under the law as foreign pedophiles. However, there are signs that this will not happen as the Philippine authorities will first ask the minor’s parents if they approve of Aguilar’s relations with their child before deciding whether to charge him. Even more disturbing is the fact that Filipino senators, and even a clinical psychologist, have expressed support and justification for his pedophilia.

It appears that will be yet another case where the Philippines decides not to uphold the law when it is broken by one of its wealthy countrymen.

Bombing at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig?

Friday, May 31, 2013. Around 8:00 PM an explosion ripped through a luxury condominium unit at the Two Serendra building in the upper class residential development known as “The Fort” in Taguig City, Manila, Philippines. The blast sent slabs of concrete crashing to the street below crushing 3 men to death instantly in a passing delivery van. People in the nearby shopping district fled in terror believing the explosion to be yet another Abu Sayyaf bombing.

The flames and debris projected from the blast injured an additional 5 people including a United States citizen residing in the building. The Two Serendra residential complex was evacuated and searched for evidence of explosive devices. However, bomb sniffing dogs were unable to detect traces of explosives.

The blast shattered the sense of security of the wealthy foreigners and Filipinos occupying the luxury condos along with their property values. Prospective buyers are likely to be scared away due to the explosion raising safety concerns. Even if the cause of the destruction is determined to be the result of a gas leak instead of a bomb it will provide little comfort to owners and prospective buyers.

The developer, Ayala Land Inc. (ALI), also constructed the Glorietta Mall where an explosion killed 11 in 2007. The government ruled that the cause of that explosion was a gas leak in spite of Ayala’s insistence that it was a bomb based on the presence of trace amounts of the bomb ingredient RDX at the site.

The Fort is popular with sex tourists and expats seeking luxury accommodations to impress local women.

Aussie Arrested, Sex Slaves Freed!

April 17, 2013, Barangay Labangon, Cebu City, Philippines. On a humid evening a task force of Philippine Anti-Trafficking agents stormed the residence of Australian expat, Drew Frederick Shobbrook and rescued fifteen women including minors. Agents seized several computers with homemade pornography, firearms, sexual paraphernalia and ED medications. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) was able to recover images from the computers of Shobbrook having sex with the girls. The suspect uploaded the photographs and videos to a website where clients were able to view them for a fee.

Shobbrook was caught with a Philippine driver’s license and other documents identifying him as Dean Hoban. This was not his only alias. He was well known to other pedophiles on a website, called, as “Frenzy3” and generated quite a following among the members who praised his graphic photos depicting him brutalizing young girls in rough anal sex sessions. When news of his arrest broke some members appeared to distance themselves from the pedophile. Only a member going by the handle of “David33” came forward to say that he had associated with Shobbrook in person and defended him. Shobbrook was a member of other websites catering to sex tourists and expats under the Frenzy3 alias.

Shobbrook was arrested and charged with the crimes of human trafficking and child pornography which preclude him from posting bail. Authorities may press other charges based on the evidence confiscated from the cybersex den and further investigation of his activities. The NBI is also investigating his associates and clients. Officials have indicated that international law enforcement agencies have taken an interest in pursuing predators who obtained child pornography from the Australian.


“Looking for love” it’s a common declaration guys looking for the girl of their dreams, or the girl of the week will find on the profile of girls on Philippine online dating sites. Some profiles go on to talk about honesty, faithfulness and being together “forever.” It’s the kind of thing that draws dirty old men and horny young men in for the kill. Almost none of the girls on Philippine dating sites are really looking for love and guys who go looking will find out. In fact, some are not even girls at all.

The routine is the same in each case. The girls will make contact with guys on the sites. The more hardened ones will immediately attempt to make a determination of how long a guy has been a member on the site and how his search is progressing. Apparently, some old hands on these sites are sex tourists well versed in the art of “fuck them and chuck them” and the girls know it’s a waste of time trying to scam these gents. If they get a novice who really believes that he can find true love in the Philippines via a dating site the girls will then start working on him. After talk of love and idle chit chat over instant messenger the girl will reveal that she needs money for school, rent or some other crisis. The guy will then be asked to wire money. In the event that he does so the requests will continue with ever growing frequency and amounts. It will be like financial death of a thousand cuts. You see these stories of guys being scammed by Filipinas out of thousands of dollars and you wonder how the guy was dumb enough to send such a huge sum. Well, in most cases it’s not a lump sum. Little installments over time add up. Many of the girls know that and begin asking for token amounts of money for internet fees to chat with their sponsor. One would hope that no one is naïve enough to think that the money will really go to chatting with him only. He will be one of many sending money for “internet café fees.” The girls will open multiple chat windows during each internet session to tell each guy that he is the only one. The really hardcore ones learn to poker face so an errant laugh at one guy’s jokes does not arouse another’s curiosity as he is telling her about his painful case of hemorrhoids that landed him in the hospital and curbed his time online.

Many young Filipinas make a living off the internet through such chicanery. The more adventurous ones will actually meet some of their sponsors who arrive on vacation to the Philippines for bouts of unprotected sex. Many an ardent lover of internet Filipinas have reported getting marvelous sex from their exotic vixens when on vacation only to come down with a raging case of the clap on their return home. In fact, anyone having sex with a Filipina will do well to cover up with a condom as fidelity is not exactly a strong point of the culture. Every guy swears that his is different until he comes down with the clap, syphilis, herpes or worse.

Online Filipinas are not looking for love. They’re looking for money and a ticket out of their poverty stricken country. If that doesn’t sound too bad to would be saviors they should consider the fact that the girls want to save their families too. Any guy getting involved in such a relationship should be prepared to expect requests for financial aid from in-laws all the way to distant cousins. Diehard believers in Filipina love should note that the bars with girls selling sex have not gone away in spite of the ease with which a foreigner can find a local girlfriend for sex. Sometimes it is just cheaper to pay them and send them on their way.

When Paradise Turns To Hell

The last couple of weeks were quite exciting for tourists seeking sex abroad. Bangkok burned to the east and in the west a drug don’s private army engaged in running gun battles with soldiers and police in the island paradise of Jamaica. Most expats and tourists were caught with their pants down as they tried to flee the violence. Pensioners in Bangkok questioned their decision to buy condos there mainly to enjoy the abundance of cheap young prostitutes found in Thailand. When hell breaks loose in paradise having a face that does not belong suddenly becomes a liability.


Do you have a plan to flee the country? Or, will you stay put hoping that none of the girls you entertained at your condo has a boyfriend or brother willing to take advantage of the chaos to rob and kill you? The girls have seen what you have at your home and they just might tell someone to go get it. You might have even misled them into believing that you were a rich foreigner just to get some free tail. Can you escape at moment’s notice or do you have money tied up in real estate? It pays to remember that you are a guest in a foreign country and at anytime the welcome mat can be rolled up.

Cheap Charlies

The worldwide economic crisis has set loose a new scourge upon the Philippines. Droves of old men from Britain with meager pensions have arrived in search of cheap condos and even cheaper sex with Filipina young girls. In the past these pensioners were content to frequent the low end bars and pick up the freelancers willing to service old goats for a few hundred pesos. The new trend however is for them to hunt for prey on the internet on dating and social networking sites. Their aim is to find girls from out in the provinces that have not entered the sex trade and actually believe some that these old perverts are looking for a long term companion.


Once contact is made with the girls online these penny pinchers take them out to a fast food restaurant like Jollibee then onto a flea bag motel to screw them. One very vocal old fart calls these shameful sex sessions “freebies” and he aptly dubbed himself “Freebie Fan.” Apart from writing repugnant racial diatribes on his favorite sex travel site, Freebie Fan likes to boast about his sexual exploitation of young innocent Filipinas. In one post he boasts about the fact that all he gave a poor girl in return for the trouble of traveling for hours on an old rickety bus to Manila to meet him was a sore pussy and an old cell phone. In another he gloats over taking the virginity of a Filipina young girl and giving her nothing in return except a promise to buy some school books for her sister.


These old creeps really think they’re suave playboys who score young girls based on their grey hair, potbellies, wrinkled age spotted skin and sagging balls. The truth is grinding poverty is enough to make poor young country girls surrender to the advances of these limey mouthed reptiles. Ironically, these guys think nothing of robbing the innocence of young Filipinas but complain loudly when the Filipino young men decide to give them an education from time to time by lightening their wallets or giving them a thorough beating.

Assed Out In Manila

We all know what gets guys into the pay-for-play game, but what gets them out? What makes a guy decide that he’s had enough ass to last a lifetime and quit the hobby? These are the questions I asked myself when one self-exiled monger told me that he had seen enough brown-eyes and pussy holes than any man should see in two lifetimes. It seemed like he had hit a brick wall without wearing a seat belt. He lost his lust in one tragic moment. We narrowed it down to when he got out fucked by a young bar girl with a voracious sexual appetite who berated him for not being able to keep up. The sudden realization of his own mortality and the ability of a wet young pussy to take whatever a man could thrust at it. All of a sudden he no longer wanted to share the shadows of smoke filled sex dens with old fat ugly sexual misfits and dull eyed prostitutes harassing customers perched on barstools like buzzards for drinks.


He likened sex to food. Once you’ve had your fill you lose your appetite. Once in college I frequented a certain fast food restaurant located right outside the main gate of the campus. I ate there at least once a day and sometimes more. After a semester of this I developed a strange kind of revulsion to the food there. I could no longer even tolerate the aroma emanating from that restaurant without a wave of nausea sweeping over me. Can too much pussy have the same effect on men? After reading “Why I left the Philippines” by Giant, I think for some guys the answer is yes. They can only expel their vital essence into so many random holes around the globe before they’re assed out in a manner of speaking. They’re spent. They become bankrupt sexually and lose the urge to chase pussy like an old hound dog who no longer hunts.


Self-exiled monger decided to settle for domestic bliss with his long time girlfriend in Manila and periodic infidelity with a side piece of ass. I wish him luck with this particular arrangement. On the other hand, I can’t help but wonder how long he will be able to follow this new lifestyle. Will the siren call of gyrating brown pussies on the stage of some Burgos Street bar call him away from his chosen path? Or will the fear of getting too drunk one night and getting his dick sucked or prostate massaged by a sexy lady-boy suffice to keep him away from the scene. What will he do when his hankering for some brown-eye, come-in-mouth or some other exotic service come knocking at midnight and neither one of his girlfriends are willing to deliver? Only time will tell.


Some guys leave the hobby for a wife and children only to return a few years later divorced and shattered men. Others meet a bar girl who withdraws their life savings like they were a human ATM leaving them to be repatriated at the expense of friends and family. These cases are hardly surprising. The cases that really raise eyebrows are when young fit guys decide that they have had enough pussy and hang up their spurs. It is almost as if some guys are programmed to quit chasing tail after scoring a few hundred holes.

Cheap Erotic Vacation In Brazil?

Adult travel aficionados looking for a cheap erotic vacation in Brazil may soon have to skip Rio de Janeiro. The governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Cabral, revealed plans to clean up the city ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. His latest victim was Discoteca Help, a hotspot for travelers on sex vacations in Rio. Help will be demolished to make way for the Museum of Image and Sound. Many of the sex workers who picked up tourists on adult vacations protested the destruction of the facility because they used it as a spot to meet their clients. Help may very well be only the first in a line of establishments frequented by the sex vacation crowd. Brazil recently won the bid to bring the 2016 Olympics to Rio de Janeiro. With so much attention on Rio it is only a matter of time before the anti-prostitution nongovernmental organizations show up to assist in the push for the closure massage parlors, brothels and nightspots frequented by escorts and sex travelers.


The closures will likely drive up the prices charged for erotic vacation related services. It also goes without saying that lodging rates and airfare to Rio will soon increase making it difficult for those seeking a cheap erotic vacation in Brazil. Anyone planning a sex vacation to this destination on a budget had better do it well before 2014.

Aussie Greg’s Medellin Mansion A Far Cry From What It Used To Be

When Aussie Greg’s Medellin Mansion opened for business years ago it quickly became the place to go to for tourists on a Colombia sex vacation. The Medellin Mansion was filled with nights of wild sex fueled by Viagra and Ron Medellin. At any one time between 10 and 20 young Colombian girls could be found lounging by the pool or cavorting with horny gringo sex tourists. Local Colombian prostitutes frequented the Medellin Mansion knowing that the sex tourists paid a lot more than their regular clients at La Mayorista. Sometimes things got a bit rowdy and Aussie Greg had to assume the role of bouncer evicting drug crazed prostitutes when their gringo clients lost control of the situation. The tales of debauchery went viral and more and more sex tourists seeking Colombian sex vacations showed up on the doorsteps of the Medellin Mansion. Aussie Greg and his business companions were soon able to charge more for the services of their adult bed and breakfast catering to the needs of sex vacationers in Colombia. The business was a booming success and soon others began to imitate the concept of providing lodging and Colombian girls for sex travelers.


However, all was not well in the Medellin sex vacation industry. The new establishments launched a fierce battle with the Medellin Mansion for sex vacation goers visiting Colombia. At times the competition got ugly with sex travelers taking one side or the other. News of the mansion filled with gringos laden with cash, computers and photographic equipment soon reached local criminals and the Medellin Mansion was raided. Employees and guests were trussed up like turkeys by armed robbers who made off with money and expensive electronics. The rowdy barbeques and pool parties drew complaints from neighbors. Jealous competitors allegedly made reports to law enforcement that under age girls were engaging in paid sex at the mansion and soon Colombian law enforcement agents began to make visits to the establishment.


In the face of these trials the Medellin Mansion has toned down a lot of the wild activities that once brought sex tourists swarming to Medellin. Visitors will no longer find dozens of girls hanging out by the pool in the hopes of negotiating a lucrative sexual transaction with guests. Aussie Greg no longer does barbeques on the weekends. Under age girls and girls without photo identification are no longer permitted to enter the premises. Some of the more colorful sex tourists have also been scared away from taking sex vacations in Colombia, especially in Medellin, due to foreigners being targeted by local criminals for armed robbery. The violence in Medellin has also spun out of control as local drug gangs leave a pile of bodies behind in their ongoing war. Sex tourists once considered themselves safe from this kind of violence, but with the pending construction of seven new U.S. military bases in Colombia as part of America’s war on drugs gringos may well find themselves as targets of retaliatory killings and kidnappings.


Aussie Greg is an astute businessman and he seems ready to transition away from the Colombia sex vacation business. He has already declared that the Medellin Mansion is headed in a different direction, possibly catering to more mainstream clients. The El Castillo property has been put up for sale. Aussie Greg may be getting out while the getting is good. However, other gringos are getting into the pimping and lodging business in the Colombia’s sex vacation industry. They should be asking themselves what Aussie Greg knows that they don’t. Like the dot-com bust the ones who got in early made a killing and moved on while those late to the game lost their asses. The sex vacation business bubble in Medellin may just be about to burst.

Hike "The Appalachian Trail" All The Way To Argentina

Buenos Aires has a fascinating scene where you can find working girls in cafes and coffee shops. It sure beats going to Starbucks at home. Just walk in and buy yourself a cup of your favorite brew. Have a seat and enjoy the ambiance. You will notice the girls giving you the eye. If one catches your fancy call her over and begin negotiations. Remember that you should never accept the first price quoted to you. If you do the girls will think that you are a push over and they will see how far into your pockets they can get while giving you as little as possible in return. So remember the Priceline ad. Always negotiate. Discuss all prices in the local currency. If someone starts talking U.S. dollars it means that they want to charge you several times the normal rate. All coffee shops do not have this feature so observe first unless you know that shop offers these services before you visit. Some coffee shops known to offer these services are:

  • Café Orleans – Cordoba and San Martin (Centro)
  • Café Iberia – Avenida de Mayo 1100 (Centro)


Café girls will quote you 500 pesos but the real price runs from 150 to 300 pesos for two hours. If you pay above that you are being ripped off.


If you have an adventurous spirit and good Spanish speaking skills you can find some of the best looking girls for a lot less money by using independent escort services. You can find ads for these in the newspaper or online. Average prices are 200 pesos for an in call, 300 pesos for an out call. The top price for an out call is 400 pesos. Do not agree to pay more than this though some will quote more if they realize that you are a tourist.


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